Web Design & Development

E-commerce platform based web design & development projects

The main focus of my work at Frooition is the design and development of e-commerce based stores. Each project begins with a brief provided by the client. Reading the brief gives me the opportunity to get an understanding of the clients specific wants and needs for the project, including layout, features and visual inspiration. I then undertake a short period of research to help get an idea of their company, how they place themselves in the market and how competitors are projecting themselves with their tone and visuals. This process is used for all of the platforms I have designed for; eBay, Amazon and BigCommerce.

With the client's requirements and my interpretation of the brief in mind, I begin to design using a fast-paced iterative process to 'work-up' the visual look and feel of the store. Consistently ensuring the design decisions I am making are carefully considered and fit for purpose. I firmly believe a designer's style should be more malleable when comparing themselves to a more traditional artist. My preferences stylistically should come secondary to the project's visual goal.


The video example above provides a good example of the level of customisation possible on the eBay platform. Providing a more traditional website homepage feel, with Javascript enabled features, sophisticated CSS, consistent visuals and a modern layout help create a professional and trustworthy shopping environment for users.

After completing the design it is sent over to the client for them to review. This gives them an opportunity to provide feedback which I can then use to create an amended design preview. This back-and-forth process is repeated until the client is satisfied their design meets their needs and they are happy to sign-off.