Leaflet/Poster Design

Leaflet/Poster design for the V&A museum's exhibition 'The Power of Making'

This project’s brief centred around an exhibition at London’s V&A Museum. The exhibition, entitled ‘The Power of Making’ was a focus on the act of making, creation, invention and an appreciation of how this affects our lives. How it defines us and continues to pave the paths of our future. Specifically the brief was to create an accompanying leaflet for the exhibition that could also be folded out to reveal a poster on the reverse side.

The project’s final deliverable would have to be something that was carefully considered not just on the aesthetic side but in it’s physical functions too. The layout of content and how the poster is revealed was directly tied to how the leaflet folded. These challenges provided the opportunity to create solutions that not only worked for the leaflet on a basic user experience level but, importantly, also reflected the themes of the exhibition the leaflet represents.

The final leaflet ran parallel with the theme of the exhibition with a focus on exposing the often forgotten 'process stage' of a project. Using visuals such as grid-lines, angle calculations, printer's marks and rulers gave the leaflet a blueprint/technical drawing look and feel.

The poster’s typography derives straight from the copy itself, the words “Adding”, “Subtracting” and “Transforming” V&A Museum are used to describe the fundamental “types of making” therefore with a small adjustment I created the phrase ‘Add. Subtract. Transform.’ for use as a typographic slogan on the poster along with the inclusion of the technical drawing elements to continue the consistency between both sides of the leaflet and of course the themes from the exhibition.