Application Design

UI/UX Design for Mobile Application

This project is a design concept for a stat tracking mobile app for the popular video game Apex Legends. The aim of this app is two-fold. Firstly to give players a way to track their personal progress by providing them access to data that relates to their in-game activity. Secondly the app aims to help connect players looking to team up, with performance data being available to help inform players of the skill/ability of potential teammates.

UX User Flow/Navigation

This user flow diagram outlines the various navigation options in the app along with actionable features.

Below is an example of a user journey for a player that is looking for one/two more players of a similar skill to group up with. They have two options depending on whether they choose to create a post or find one that suits them.

As you can see in this example the aim is to connect players and have them organise playing together through the messaging system. Since the app would not control the in-game inviting/joining, the messaging system is designed to be the jumping-off point in the user's journey.

UI Design

Due to player stats being a central component of the app’s functionality, the design of the UI highlights any relevant bits of data or numbers in a unique geometric typeface with a clean simpler sans-serif typeface for navigation and labels.

Colours play a part in highlighting actionable/important features and creating depth to the interface, separating background from foreground. The bright yellow accent colour is also used on labels where a player is in the top 1% for that given data point. This can give users an idea of what players strengths may be at a glance and motivate others to achieve this rare status.